Fully automated eddy-current testing line from FOERSTER


We are using eddy-current test systems from Institut Dr. Foerster GmbH & Co. KG to monitor the production process conditions and to ensure quality assurance.This eddy-current test system includes CIRCOGRAPH Ro65 rotating sensors, DEFECTOMAT M90 encircling coils and an EMAG F110 demagnetization unit. The whole testing line is controlled by one test electronic called CIRCOGRAPH DS and operated by a special testing software. Furthermore, this eddy-current testing section is integrated in a fully-automated testing line including automatic entry and exit conveyors made by Sema Systemtechnik..

Surface defects like cracks and imperfections can be detected according to EN 10277-1 2000 standard with this eddy-current testing line.

Test Sizes: Ø 8 – 50 mm and Hex 8 – 46 mm