About Us

Kalibre Çelik has started business as a small trading enterprise in a small office in Ataşehir in 1998. Founders Ömer Paşa and Cengiz Oral’s friendship from Asil Çelik and their professional expertise turned into a business partnership concentrating in alloy engineering steel qualities. Kalibre felt from the very onset the lack of bright steel products in the market. At first this demand was catered by subcontracting production to third party manufacturers. However due to quality assurance, on-time supply reliability and customer satisfaction considerations Kalibre started production with their first bright bar drawing line in a rental warehouse in 2002. In a very short time the growth of business necessiated building of a new production plant and the existing plant was commissioned in 2004 with new lines and installations.

Kalibre targets complete customer satisfaction by supplying quality material, quick on-time delivery with competitive pricing. In order to meet the best quality standards Kalibre uses only prime quality material from reputable European producers. This approach greatly augmented customer trust and loyalty in Kalibre business achieving a good market share in a very short time.
Kalibre is dedicated to continuous improvement in all aspects of its services. Evaluating customer feedback, Kalibre installed a FOERSTER eddy-current testing line for detecting defects in order to further improve the product quality in February 2012. Today, Kalibre is one of the few manufacturers capable of supplying 100% defect-tested material in Turkey.

Kalibre has a wide customer base both in the domestic and export markets. Export operations that started in 2007 are also growing annually at a good pace both in quantity and in number of customers and destination countries. We are very proud of being able to serve our customers region wide to their full satisfaction.